Actress Jeon Mi Seon

News of actress Jeon Mi Seon’s death is sending shockwaves throughout the country. 

Police officials from the Jeonju Wansan Police Station confirmed on the 29th that “actress Jeon Mi Seon [had died]” and that “the Violent Crimes Unit is currently investigating the details of the incident.” According to the police, Jeon’s manager discovered the actress at around 11:45 a.m. in the bathroom of her hotel room. 

Jeon’s manager contacted the hotel after being unable to get in touch with the actress. As soon as the manager got access into the room and discovered Jeon, he made a call to the police and 119 emergency services. Although she was transferred to the hospital by ambulance, it was after she had already passed.

Jeon Mi Seon at the table read for ‘The King’s Letters’ / Photo: Megabox Plus M

Police say they are investigating the incident as a suspected suicide. The police also revealed that “a suicide note had not been found.” 

Jeon had reportedly gone to Jeonju for the June 29 and 30 performances of her play 2 Nights and 3 Days with My Mother which was scheduled to be held at the Chonbuk National University Culture Center. According to reports, Jeon had checked into her hotel at around 1:00 a.m. on the day she arrived in Jeonju and had been staying by herself. 

After reports of the actress’s death came out, the organizers of 2 Nights and 3 Days with My Mother made an announcement that read: “Today’s two o’clock performance has been canceled due to a leading actor’s serious personal reasons. We apologize to the audience, and we will be offering refunds to holders of admission tickets.” 

Jeon was awaiting the release of her new film, The King’s Letters, which is set to premiere on July 25. Jeon, who plays Queen Soheon in the film, attended a press conference for the film on June 25 and said that she was “happy to meet Song Kang Ho and Park Hae Il again, 16 years after Memories of Murder.”

Jeon Mi Seon made her debut on MBC Best Theater in 1986. She starred in a number of TV dramas such as Land, Taejo Wang Geon, Rustic Period, East of Eden, Moon Embracing the Sun, and Love in the Moonlight, as well as in movies such as  Bungee Jumping of Their OwnMemories of Murder, and Mother.