BTS / Photo: Big Hit Entertainment

The so-called “BTS Tour,” on which fans visit sites around Korea where BTS have shot music videos and album covers, has become hugely popular. 

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) revealed on the 1st that “the ‘BTS Tour’ is very popular with foreign tourists.” KTO also revealed that 8 foreign-language sites that promote Korean tourism conducted a vote to determine the top 10 Hallyu tourist spots that tourists wanted to visit to “follow in BTS’ footsteps.” 

According to a questionnaire that surveyed 22,272 people from 137 countries, 21.8% of the respondents chose the bus stop at Jumunjin Beach in Gangneung where BTS shot one of their album covers as the tourist spot they most wanted to visit. 

The other tourist spots that were chosen include Dadaepo Beach in Busan (12.2%), Metasequoia Road in Damyang (12.1%), the LINE Friends store in Itaewon, Seoul (11.8%), and Iryeong Station in Yangju (7%). 

The top answers by age range were as follows: Jumunjin, Gangneung for respondents in their teens to 30s, the LINE Friends Store in Itaewon for respondents in their 40s, and Metasequoia Road in Damyang for respondents aged 50 and over. 94.8% of the questionnaire’s respondents were reported to be female.