Eun Ji Won (far right) talking to Song Mino on the phone on ‘Idol Room’ / Photo: JTBC

Eun Ji Won recently visited JTBC’s Idol Room, where he shared the story behind how he came to work on his new single with “variety colleague” Song Mino.

The Korean rapper and variety show regular, who recently made his solo comeback with the single “I’M ON FIRE,” will be appearing on an episode of Idol Room that is scheduled to air at 6:30 p.m. on July 9.

Eun Ji won revealed that the writer and composer of his new song is none other than WINNER’s Song Mino. “I found like-minded producers after joining the new label, and Song Mino was one of them,” said Eun Ji Won. He added, “Because Mino knows about a lot of trends, I thought a good song could come out of combining those [trends].”

The show’s hosts, Jeong Hyeong Don and Defconn, added, “We heard that Song Mino is ‘Father Song,’ the father of your solo comeback.” The two hosts then tried to get Mino on the phone during the show. After successfully getting Mino on the line, instead of talking about music, the idol rapper/producer made everyone laugh by giving Eun Ji Won advice on how to pass the “Idol 999” audition after talking about how he failed the audition when he went on Idol Room with WINNER previously.