Comedienne Kim Sook / Photo: 10 Asia DB

Comedienne Kim Sook has reported a netizen who stalked her over an extended period of time to the police. 

A representative from Kim’s agency, IOK Company, revealed on July 11: “This netizen continuously posted defamatory remarks about Kim Sook online. Kim Sook felt her safety was at risk as this person recently went as far as coming to her home.” 

“This netizen spread groundless stories about Kim Sook keeping a watch on her on various places online, including radio program message boards,” said Kim’s agency. They added, “We are seriously considering requesting a restraining order in order to protect our talent.” 

Kim Sook made her debut as a comedienne in 1995 through a KBS open recruitment exam.  She has recently been active on a number of variety programs such as KBS2’s The CEO’s Ears Are Donkey Ears, MBC’s Where Is My Home, MBC Every 1’s Video Star, and JTBC2’s The Night of Hate Comments.