According to PSY’s label P NATION, the singer unveiled a new track titled “Celeb” from his 9th album, as well as the music video for “Happier” at his Summer Swag 2019 concert at the Suwon World Cup Auxiliary Stadium on July 13. 

Singer/actress Suzy was shown dancing along with PSY in his new music video for “Celeb.” 

Over the years, female celebrities have appeared in PSY’s music videos as his “muses.” Such celebrities include Hyuna in 2012’s “Gangnam Style,” Gain from the Brown Eyed Girls in 2013’s “GENTLEMAN,” CL from 2NE1 and actress Ha Ji Won in 2015’s “DADDY,” and Son Na Eun of Apink in 2017’s “New Face.” 

PSY also reportedly performed a bit of “Celeb” during his last song at the concert. 

The music video for “Happier” – a song that features singer-songwriter Crush – was produced as an animation. 

Three hours before the concert started, PSY revealed another one of his new songs, “Everyday,” via social media. 

PSY was in the news last month when he was called in to be questioned as a testifier by the police on the 16th regarding suspicions that Yang Hyun Suk – the founder of PSY’s former label, YG Entertainment – had secured prostitution services for wealthy foreign businessmen.  

PSY will be taking his Summer Swag 2019 tour to the Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium on July 19-20, Daegu Stadium – Auxiliary Stadium on July 26-27,  Gwangju World Cup Stadium on August 8, Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium in Seoul on August 9-11, Incheon Asiad Main Stadium on August 17, and the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on August 24.