EXO’s Chen (left) and Baekhyun / Photos: SM Entertainment

EXO’s Chen and Baekhyun have transformed themselves into YouTubers. Not only are they extremely successful as members of one of the top boy groups in the country, but the two singers have also been showing different charms of theirs via YouTube. Whereas Chen has a calm and peaceful vibe, Baekhyun comes off as being childlike and innocent. On YouTube, Chen and Baekhyun take a step back momentarily from being members of EXO and instead focus on showing their own distinct characteristics and personality. The members’ appeal have obviously not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the Gold Play Button that both have received for surpassing one million subscribers on YouTube.

Chen became the first to step into the world of YouTube when he started his own channel called “CHEN” three months ago.  “Communicating [with the fans] is important, but I also opened the channel because I wanted to record myself growing. In the future, I want to challenge myself in new ways and grow my skills through the channel,” said Chen.

Photos: Chen’s YouTube channel ‘CHEN’

Chen started off by uploading covers of songs. His first cover was of Yang Da Ill’s “Confession,” which was then followed by “Cherry Blossom Love Song” from the soundtrack of tvN’s 100 Days My Prince,  Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment,” IU’s “Through The Night,” Chen’s own “Flower,” and Park Won’s “all of my life.” His channel, which offers a feast for both the eyes and ears, surpassed a million subscribers in just two months and currently sits at 1.23 million subscribers. 

Not only does Chen upload videos, but he also adds a touching message for his fans in the description of every video. From asking his subscribers how they’re doing to telling them to “feel happy while relaxing,” his messages and his soft voice deliver his warmth to the viewers.

While Chen helps us get in touch with our feelings with his singing, Baekhyun has become a fan favorite by showing his daily life in his vlogs. Baekhyun surpassed the million subscriber mark in a mere two days after starting his channel in June and currently sits at 1.84 million subscribers.

Photos: Baekhyun’s YouTube channel, ‘백현 Baekhyun’

“In the past when EXO would be on hiatus, I would feel bad for the fans who would re-watch TV programs that we appeared in while they waited for us,” explained Baekhyun. “Since I can’t produce a program myself, I started a channel to satisfy their curiosity by showing myself exercising and doing other small things in my day-to-day life.” 

As Baekhyun explained, his vlogs capture moments from his daily life. He shows himself at home with his pet corgi, talking with friends, driving in his car, and going out for walks. He brings a smile to the faces of his viewers by coming across as a friend or even a boyfriend, instead of as Baekhyun from EXO. For that reason, he appears more real and adorable at the same time.

Although Chen and Baekhyun’s content are different, they have been receiving enormous support from EXO-L (EXO’s fanclub) because it appears as if their intentions are the same, which is to communicate with their fans and return some of the love they’ve received over the years. We’re excited to see where Chen, who “heals” fans with his sweet voice, and Baekhyun, who makes his fans smile by giving them a peek into his life, take their YouTube channels in the future.