SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’

On the July 28th episode of SBS’s My Little Old Boy, viewers will get to see Kim Jong Kook going on his first-ever father and son trip to Canada.  

When it was announced that Jong Kook would be going on a trip with his father, the My Little Old Boy studio reportedly buzzed with excitement at the news. As soon as his father appeared on the show, the MCs who had only heard about Jong Kook’s father through his mother showed a great deal of interest and curiosity. 

Jong Kook’s father’s shoes also drew attention when he stepped out in front of the MCs. By coming out on the show in a pair of shoes that were gifted to him 25 years ago by Jong Kook, his father confirmed that he is indeed the “penny-pincher” that Jong Kook’s mother said he is. When his father showed off the watch that he has had for over 40 years, his mother made everyone laugh by moaning about how she has been “living with a man like that.”

Even in Canada, Jong Kook’s father didn’t abandon his frugal mindset. When he showed his method for how he uses tissue, the studio reportedly exclaimed in awe, “I can’t believe we’re seeing this with our own eyes!”

The producers of My Little Old Boy hinted: “Something unexpected happened to Jong Kook’s father when Jong Kook was away from his seat momentarily while the two were eating. Watch and see what happened to Jong Kook’s father, who got even the food he was eating taken away.”