Singer and actor Kim Kyu Jong / Photo: CI Entertainment

Actor and SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong recently apologized to his fans for posting pictures that he had taken with his girlfriend while on a date.  

Kim posted the following message on his social media on the 26th: “I apologize for surprising and upsetting you. I’m currently spending my days filming for a movie and preparing for a musical and play. I wanted to put my best foot forward when I greeted you all again, and I thought a lot about what I should say. I’m sorry for posting this message so late. I sincerely apologize for hurting you all. As always, thank you.”

Kim posted a number of pictures on his social media on the 24th that showed the entertainer and his girlfriend on a trip to Japan. Netizens were critical of Kim as he had denied dating rumors in April of this year. The fact that the SS501 member was recently in Japan drew further criticism as the escalation of the trade and political disputes between Korea and Japan has led to the spread of a domestic movement to boycott Japanese products and refrain from traveling to Japan. 

Although he deleted the pictures almost immediately – perhaps as a sign of his awareness of the public’s sentiment – the pictures of Kim and his girlfriend enjoying their trip in Japan have been making their way around online communities.