BTS’s J-Hope / Photo: 10 Asia DB

BTS member J-Hope was picked as the top idol star that fans want to share an umbrella with during the summer monsoon season.

On a poll titled “Which idol star would you want to share an umbrella with during monsoon season?” that ran from July 22 to 28, J-Hope beat out the other artists listed and came out on top.

Out of the 18,125 people that took part in the poll, a total of 6,982 (39% of the vote) votes came in for J-hope. 

 AB6IX member Lee Dae Hwi came in second place with 5,746 (32%) votes.

Poll for the 4th week of July / Photo: Idol Chart

Rounding out the list were: Kim Jae Hwan (1612 votes, 9%), CIX’s  Bae Jin Young (1533 votes, 8%), NU’EST’s Baekho (715 votes, 4%), Ong Seong Wu (647 votes, 4%), TXT’s Beomgyu (641 votes, 4%), and X1’s  Kim Yo Han (249 votes, 1%). 

The results of other polls taken by Idol Chart can be found at the official website, under the “POLL” section. The site is currently running a poll titled: “Which idol star do you think would be cordial to elders?”