Movie ‘Parasite,’ a certified box office hit in Vietnam / Photo: CJ Entertainment Vietnam’s Facebook page

The movie Parasite has captivated audiences in Vietnam. 

According to CJ Entertainment Vietnam, Parasite took the top spot at the Vietnamese box office after being released on June 21, and raked in ticket sales of $1.95 million in just 11 days. 

The movie, which remained in the top five at the box office three weeks after its release, continues to be a hit among Vietnamese moviegoers, and is reportedly nearing the one million moviegoer mark. 

It’s not every day that a foreign film hits one million admissions in Vietnam. In fact, the honor is usually reserved for Hollywood blockbusters. 

As a result of the box office success of the film, Parasite has become the first Korean movie to be shown for over a month in Vietnam’s theaters. Total ticket sales for the movie are expected to reach $3 million. 

“Even now, the movie consistently draws in 2 to 3,000 people daily. We’re considering extending the screening period to early August,” said an official from CJ Entertainment. 

The movie that held the title previously for being the most successful Korean movie in Vietnam was Train to Busan, which delivered ticket sales of $1.86 million. 

Another Korean film that is being well-received among Vietnamese audiences is CJ HK Entertainment’s film, Romang by director Lee Chang Geun. Romang, which opened in 130 theaters in the country, drew in 100,000 moviegoers in three days and has taken the No. 2 spot at the box office behind Disney’s Lion King.