CIX / Photo: C9 Entertainment

K-pop group CIX has nabbed their first music show win, a feat that came almost immediately after their debut.  

CIX received the first-place trophy for their debut song “Movie Star” on the episode of SBS MTV’s The Show that aired on July 30.  

After getting a music show win in just a week after their debut, CIX took to social media to post a picture and send the following message to their fans: “Thank you so much for the first-place win. In order for the unknown to be completed, we need you, our fans. Let’s be together forever. Thanks to our fans, today has been a really happy day. We nearly cried, but we held back our tears. We love you so, so much.”

The name of CIX – who released their debut album on July 23 – is said to be short for “Complete in X,” meaning that the five unknown members only become complete when they are together. The name also connotes a “completion of the unknown.” The five-member group consists of Bae Jin Young of Wanna One fame, BX, Seung Hun, Yong Hee, and Hyun Suk.