Jung Yu Mi / Photo: Instagram

For the second straight day, actress Jung Yu Mi’s name has appeared on the most-searched word list. The reason? Dating rumors between the actress and Kangta of H.O.T. started to circulate online on August 1. In the midst of all of the rumors swirling around, netizens are showing a keen interest in Yu Mi’s social media accounts and in recent updates regarding the actress. However, everything seems to be quiet and peaceful over on Yu Mi’s Instagram page. The latest post shows photos taken with the cast and crew of the recently-ended TV drama that she starred in, Partners for Justice 2.  

The photos, which were uploaded on July 30, came with a caption that expressed gratitude for her fellow cast members and the crew of Partners for Justice 2. It reads: “Good times, happy memories, precious people. Thank you.”

Jung Yu Mi / Photo: Instagram

One of the photos shows Yu Mi smiling brightly with a script for the drama in hand. Another photo shows her holding a bouquet of flowers while looking just as lovely as the flowers in her hands. A group photo with the cast and crew and a photo taken at an after-party also caught people’s attention. 

On August 1, a news outlet reported that Kangta and Jung Yu Mi have been dating for two years. In response, Yu Mi’s management agency Ace Factory denied the reports by stating that “[they were] not true” and  added that the two are “just close colleagues.” On the same day, dating rumors between Kangta and racing model Woo Joo An were also reported. 

Jung Yu Mi most recently starred as Eun Sol in Partners for Justice 2.