Scenes from JTBC’s ‘Be Melodramatic’

JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday television drama, Be Melodramatic, has captivated viewers with the delightful yet heartbreaking story of three 30-year-old friends, played by actors Chun Woo Hee, Jeon Yeo Been, and Han Ji Eun. 

In the first episode of Be Melodramatic (written by Lee Byeong Heon and Kim Young Young, directed by Lee Byeong Heon and Kim Hye Young) which aired on August 9, the viewers were given an introduction to the pasts of the three women who ended up living under one roof after a series of twists and turns – Lim Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee), Lee Eun Jung (Jeon Yeo Been), and Hwang Han Joo (Han Ji Eun). Jin Joo is seen telling herself, “Don’t cling, and make a clean break from him” before proceeding to break up with her boyfriend in a way that can be described as anything but “clean.”  She gets furious, cries, and interrogates her boyfriend Kim Hwan Dong (played by Lee Yu Jin), and then repeats the process all over again. Although the breakup is a monumental moment in her life that causes her to cry day and night for three straight days, the heartbreak eventually leads Jin Joo to meet a “good friend” (a handbag). After randomly coming across a beautiful bag in a display window while walking in tears over her breakup from days before, Jin Joo snaps back into reality with the help of a whispering voice that tells her to “trust in what you can see.” This is also when she starts to write.

The bag becomes a driving force that motivates Jin Joo into action, who then gets hired to become the assistant writer for a TV drama writer named Jeong Hye Jeong (played by Baek Ji won). Just when she thinks that only good things are ahead, Jin Joo realizes that the reality differs from her expectations as she must live each day in a state of exhaustion. As she’s trudging through her everyday life, she meets top TV producer, Son Beom Soo (played by Ahn Jae Hong). The short but memorable first meeting between the two characters has us excited to see where their story is headed.

Han Joo was the most popular girl on campus during her college years, but now she’s just trying to get through each day in one piece as a working mom. When Noh Seung Hyo (played by Lee Hak Joo) approached Han Joo in the past, she told him that she liked “funny guys.” This led Seung Hyo to go as far as joining a comedy troupe to make her laugh. Han Joo, who found herself strangely attracted to him, ended up marrying and having a child with Seung Hyo. Fast forward to the present, Han Joo is left to struggle as a single working mother when her husband leaves her to “find happiness.” 

“You’re right, sorry,” says Eun Jung as she stares into nothingness, leading Jin Joo, Han Joo, and Eun Jung’s younger brother Hyo Bong (played by Yoon Ji On) to awkwardly change the subject while pretending not to notice. Eun Jung, whose long-standing love for documentaries led her to join a prominent documentary production company, starts her own production company after the continuous verbal abuse from her superiors leads her to explode and quit her job.  While working on a documentary about exposing pro-Japanese collaborators, Eun Jung meets Hong Dae (played by Han Jun Woo) who helps her produce the documentary which then goes on to become an unprecedented smash hit. The documentary brings more than just money and success to Eun Jung. “That’s when Eun Jung first found out that love is more exciting than money,” says Jin Joo. Eun Jung and Hong Dae learn through one another than wealth and fame are far less valuable than love. 

However, the love between these two doesn’t last long as Hong Dae passes away suddenly due to an illness. Following his death, Eun Jung finds herself unable to lead a normal life, and when she comes close to making an irreversible decision, Jin Joo and Han Joo gradually start to increase the amount of time they spend at Eun Jung’s place. When Han Joo’s son In guk (played by Seol Woo Hyung) gets added to the mix, just as many drops make a flood, Eun Jung’s home slowly becomes a full house. A total of five people end up living with one another in order to take care of Eun Jung. It will be interesting to see what happens between Eun Jung and the others, as Eun Jung can be seen occasionally talking to “Hong Dae” while her friends and younger brother turn a blind eye to Eun Jung’s bizarre behavior in an attempt to lead a normal life.