Actress Kim Young Ah / Photo: Samhwa Networks

Actress Kim Young Ah asked viewers to “look forward” to the new Friday-Saturday drama on JTBC, Be Melodramatic, before the premiere of the show.

On August 9, Young Ah’s management agency, WS Entertainment, posted a behind-the-scenes photo on their official social media account of the actress while she on set for the filming of Be Melodramatic. The description under the photo reads: “A never-before-seen type of ‘chitchat blockbuster,’ Be Melodramatic, airs today.” 

“Please look forward to the impassioned performance of Kim Young Ah as she plays the character of a production company CEO named Lee So Jin,” added the actress’s agency. 

The photo shows Young Ah in a smart business suit, exuding charisma while gazing at someone in front of her. Her captivating look in the photo has viewers excited to see more of the actress’s character in the drama. 

Young Ah has taken on the role of Lee So Jin, the CEO of the production company where Hwang Han Joo (played by Han Ji eun) and Chu Jae Hoon (played by Gong Myung) work. In Lee So Jin, viewers can expect to see a character who is precise about everything she does while also being confident and warm.