Actor Park Seul Gi / Photo: 10 Asia DB

Actor Park Seul Gi has announced to the world that she is expecting a baby. 

Seul Gi wrote the following on her Instagram on the 15th: “Something this emotional is finally happening for me too. Because I’m getting to meet this baby angel four years into my marriage, it’s deeply moving and it feels like an unbelievable miracle. Although it must be exhausting for her to have such a noisy mother, she always reassures me by squirming around and showing off how healthy she is when I go in for my checkups… even in the womb, she seems to be a good girl.” From the sounds of things, it appears that Seul Gi is having a daughter. 

She added: “The reason I had to say goodbye for the last time at the play today is because I want to spend a little more time with my baby who’s growing inside. I’m happy that I can announce this happy news to those around me who showed their sincere concern for me as they asked, ‘When are you going to have a baby?’ I’m already 18 weeks along, so I’m in the stable stage of my pregnancy. I’ll do my best to go to full term and have a safe delivery by eating well, sleeping well, and staying positive.”

Seul Gi also shared some of her ultrasound pictures and revealed that her baby’s nickname is “Bangtan Gonggi.” She explained, “We’re called the Gonggi couple, which is a name that comes from the first syllable of Gong Moon Sung and the last syllable of Park Seul Gi. At first we called her ‘Gonggi,’ and then we added ‘Bangtan’ in hopes that  she would stay healthy in the face of any and all obstacles. We now mostly call her ‘Bangtan.’ We’re also hoping that she grows up to be a great person, like BTS (Bangtan Boys).” 

Fellow celebrities such as Park Na Rae, Han Ji Min, Moon Se Yoon, Lee Guk Joo, Kim Ye Won, and Koyote’s  Shin Ji have left comments congratulating the actress. Netizens have also showered Seul Gi with congratulatory comments.