Singer/musical actor Kim Junsu / Photo: C-JeS Entertainment

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu recently received a Hallyu Culture Daesang award. His label, C-JeS Entertainment, announced on the 23rd, “Kim Junsu, who has established himself as a musical actor in addition to being a singer, attended the ‘2019 Newsis K-Expo’ held today at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul, where he was honored with a Hallyu Culture Daesang award (Seoul Mayor Award – individual).”

The 2019 Newsis K-Expo, which was held for the first time this year, is an event that was organized by Newsis, a privately-owned news agency. The awards ceremony recognized the development of outstanding products and services that utilize Hallyu, as well as individuals, organizations, content, and corporations that contribute to the spread of Hallyu and the increase of Korea’s national prestige. 

In addition to uptempo tracks, Junsu has sung a slew of ballads and songs from soundtracks that became hits. He has been acknowledged for having a hand in expanding the base of Korea’s musical industry by appearing in a string of successful musicals, including Mozart!, Elisabeth, December, Dracula, Death Note, Dorian Gray, and Xcalibur. Through Elisabeth and Xcalibur, the two musicals that Junsu appeared in after being discharged from mandatory military service, he showed once again that he can sell tickets like no other, and he lived up to his reputation of being one of the biggest contributors to the “Korean wave.”

“It’s an honor to receive an award at the first awards ceremony of the K-Expo, an event that promotes Hallyu. I think that a big award like this is the result of the love I receive from audiences and fans. I would like to express my sincere gratitude once again. I want to share this honor and joy with everyone in the musical industry who contribute to original Korean musicals. I will repay this honor with even better musicals in the future,” said Junsu as he held on to his trophy. 

The multi-talented entertainer most recently starred in the musical Xcalibur, where he was praised for his detailed dramatic acting performance, spectacular action scenes, captivating voice, and outstanding vocal skills as he transformed himself into the legendary King Arthur. Junsu will be reportedly be taking  a break before preparing for his next project during the latter half of the year.