Screenshots: From SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’

Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul has unveiled his spotless home to the world. 

The talented singer and entertainer recently joined the cast of SBS’s My Little Old Boy, with his first episode airing on the night of August 25. 

On his debut episode of the show, Hee Chul was shown being completely absorbed by a Chinese martial arts drama on TV. When his dog Kibok came running to him with a ball in his mouth, wanting to play, Hee Chul threw the ball with his eyes glued to the TV and said, “Bok, this is an important scene.” 

Hee Chul was also shown ordering food from his sofa. Upon watching the scene with the other cast members, his mother said, “He doesn’t cook at home because he doesn’t want his apartment to smell. If I take food to his place, he eats it and asks me to take the rest back home.”

His mother added, “He’s been a neat freak ever since he was young. He would chase me around asking me to clean his hands if something got on them.”

My Little Old Boy airs on Sunday nights at 9:05 p.m. (KST) on SBS.