Screenshots from SBS’s ‘Running Man’

Actor Lim Ji Yeon has exposed one of Jeon So Min’s drinking habits. 

Actors Lim Ji Yeon, Park Jung Min, and Choi Yu Hwa appeared as guests on the August 25 episode of SBS’s Running Man

When Ji Yeon was asked if she had ever worked with So Min before, she replied, “I’ve only ever met So Min for drinks.” When asked about So Min’s drinking habits, she said, “When So Min gets drunk, she tends to pick fights.”

“When So Min gets drunk, you shouldn’t make eye contact with her. You have to pretend like you can’t hear her. If you make eye contact, it’s over,” explained Lee Kwang Soo, causing the entire cast and the guests to burst out in laughter.

Park Jung Min added, “So Min called me one day and asked me to come because she was filming for Running Man. It was after 9 o’clock and I was sweating because I was working out, so I said I couldn’t go, but she kept calling.” Upon hearing this, So Min tried to defend herself by saying that “Kwang Soo made [her] do it,” to which Kwang Soo replied, “I never did that. Why are you trying to use Running Man as an excuse?”

Running Man airs at 5 p.m. on Sundays (KST) on SBS.