Photo: Ku Hye Sun’s Instagram

A recent Instagram post uploaded by actor Ku Hye Sun, which shows the album jacket and lyrics to her self-composed song, “HAPPY,” is getting everyone’s attention. 

On August 1, Ku posted an album jacket image from her 2013 song, “HAPPY,” along with a description that read: “If I hadn’t told you then that I loved you, would we be happy?” The ballad, which was written and composed by the actor herself, expresses the regret and disappointment one feels following a breakup. 

The post seems particularly significant as Ku recently revealed that she is experiencing marital troubles with husband and actor Ahn Jae Hyeon, which was followed by reports of the celeb couple being on the verge of divorce. Netizens have been showing their support by leaving comments such as, “Be strong” and “Be happy, we’re rooting for you.”

Even while faced with possible divorce, Ku is still actively engaged in her work as a novelist and film director. It was revealed on August 31 that the actor’s best-selling novel, Tears are Heart-Shaped, will be exported to Indonesia.