Sunmi / Photo: 10 Asia DB

Singer Sunmi’s newest song, “LALALAY,” has taken over international charts. 

According to the K-pop charts published by iTunes on August 29, “LALALAY” topped the charts in a total of 32 countries, including the US, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Spain, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Hong Kong, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Egypt, Chile, Peru, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Hungary, Romania, and Vietnam.  

As soon as “LALALAY” dropped on August 27, the song immediately swept 8 domestic music charts, and the track showed that it also had massive global appeal when it started climbing charts overseas. In addition, countless dance covers of the song from both in and outside of Korea have been getting uploaded, which give evidence of Sunmi’s global popularity.

Sunmi, who has always been recognized for being in a league of her own in terms of her musical concepts and performances, has really come into her own as a “performance queen” with “LALALAY.” Her creative performance of the song, which features choreography that oozes with charisma, as well as cool and powerful key moves such as the coy punches, Sailor Moon inspired moves, and the “Pippi Longstocking,” has been getting nothing but love from the fans