Taeyeon on ‘Begin Again 3’ / Photos: JTBC

Taeyeon’s emotion-filled voice lit up the streets of Berlin on the first episode of JTBC’s music variety show, Begin Again 3, which aired on August 30. 

The first episode of Begin Again 3 showed Taeyeon traveling to Berlin with Lee Juck, Jukjae, Paul Kim, and Kim Hyun-woo from DickPunks to give a busking performance. 

Viewers also got to see Taeyeon showing off her sense of rhythm in an unconventional way during the first meeting with the other members that was held to pick out the songs for the street performance. As the members started to express their concern over the absence of percussion instruments, Taeyeon stood up suddenly and started to use her whole body to create beats. When she shared her determination to “do everything that can be done with [her] voice” during the musical journey, she brought a smile to the faces of not only the cast members, but also the viewers. 

Upon arriving at Berlin’s Admiralbrücke, or Admiral Bridge, which was the group’s first busking location, Taeyeon expressed how being so close to the spectators made her feel “more nervous than when [she] made her solo debut.” However, her nervousness was short-lived as she sang “11:11” with her unique musical sensibility. Taeyeon successfully wrapped up her first busking performance, which captivated everyone in the audience. 

The episode ended with a teaser of Taeyeon singing “Time Walking on Remembrance,” “Me After You,” and “When We Were Young” for her second street performance in Berlin, which certainly elevates our excitement for next week’s episode. 

Begin Again 3, which shows some of Korea’s greatest musicians challenging themselves to a busking performance in an unfamiliar city overseas, airs on Fridays at 9 p.m. (KST)