Rapper NO:EL / Photo: Indigo Music

Assemblyman Jang Je Won of the Liberty Korea Party took to Facebook on August 7 to apologize to Korean citizens for his son, rapper NO:EL, “causing concern due to his disgraceful incident.” 

NO:EL (real name: Jang Yong Jun) was caught by the police for driving drunk in the early morning hours. According to reports, the rapper collided with a motorcycle while he was driving around Mapo-gu, Seoul. He had a blood alcohol content that exceeded the legal limit of 0.08% at the time of the accident, which is enough to get your license revoked. 

When it was clear that the controversy wasn’t going to die down, Jang Je Won apologized for his son’s actions by saying, “As a father, I’m devastated beyond description. As an adult, Yong Jun will have to face all of the legal consequences of his wrongdoings. Once again, I bow my head in apology.” 

Assemblyman Jang has found himself in hot water for the second time because of his son. In 2017, NO:EL aroused criticism when it was revealed that he had attempted to solicit prostitution from minors, which led to his father having to step down as spokesperson of the Bareun Party. 

NO:EL first became known to the public as a contestant on Mnet’s High School Rapper.