Actor Gong Myung / Photo: Lee Seung Hyun @lsh87

“I love him more now!”

Those were the words that actor Gong Myung had for director Lee Byung Heon at a press conference for the Friday-Saturday JTBC drama Be Melodramatic (written by Lee Byeong Heon and Kim Young Young, directed by Lee Byeong Heon and Kim Hye Young), which was held at 2 p.m. on August 6 at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Seoul.  

Be Melodramatic is a show that deals with the work lives, love lives, and worries of three women in their 30s. The show received a great deal of attention before it even aired thanks to it being the first TV drama directed by Lee Byeong Heon, whose most recent film, Extreme Job, drew over 10 million moviegoers. Director Lee’s distinctive style of mixing realistic dialogue with humorous situations has resonated with viewers and drawn praise from them. The 16-episode show aired its first episode on August 9.

Be Melodramatic marks the second time that Gong Myung has worked with Lee, who directed the actor in Extreme Job. Gong Myung, who plays Chu Jae Hoon, the new employee of a TV production company’s marketing team, said, “Director Lee always comes up with brilliant ideas on set. That was the case in Extreme Job, and it was also the case for Be Melodramatic. Of course, there are situational differences between dramas and movies. I wasn’t able to see the director much this time because he had to direct and write the script.”

He added, “I’ve grown to love the director more through this project. I liked everything [about him].”