Photo: KOZ Entertainment

Zico took his fans on a date to the movie theater to celebrate his birthday this year. 

On September 14, Zico held an event for his fans titled “ZICO BIRTHDAY PARTY: Want to catch a movie?” at the CGV Cine Library near Myeong-dong Station in Seoul. 100 fans who applied for the event beforehand were selected to take part in the special celebration. 

The party was planned by Zico himself as a way to give a gift to his fans who have offered their endless love and support over the years. Zico showed his love for his fans and spent time getting a little closer to them by watching EXIT and having birthday cake with everyone who attended the party.

Zico made sure the fans who attended would leave with unforgettable memories by taking a group photo with them and giving everyone posters. “It was fun to spend my birthday, a day that only comes once a year, with my fans. When I think back on the happy moments in my life, I feel like my fans were always there with me. Thank you to all my fans who have shown their unchanging love. I will be greeting you all in the future with even better music,” Zico said. 

Zico, who made his debut as a member of Block B, officially established his independence when he founded KOZ Entertainment at the beginning of the year. He has also stood tall as a male solo artist with a wide musical spectrum over the years by releasing songs such as Tough Cookie, Eureka, Artist, and I Am You, You Are Me

The multi-talented rapper and record producer is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album that is scheduled to be released at the end of September.