Actor Han Ji Eun from JTBC’s ‘Be Melodramatic’ / Photos: HB Entertainment

Actor Han Ji Eun recently gave her thoughts on the end of the JTBC Friday-Saturday TV drama, Be Melodramatic, and said that she hopes viewers gained strength and comfort from the show. 

Han played the role of Hwang Han Joo, a character with a varied appeal. Many viewers were able to identify with the character, who was both endearing and an iron hand in a velvet glove.   

“Thank you to everyone who showed love for Hwang Han Joo. The viewers who were with us for this drama, which was made through the collective sincere efforts of the cast, director, and crew, was the reason why we were able to complete the show, and why our happiness was doubled,” Han said.

She added, “I’m so sad to say goodbye to Be Melodramatic. Even though shooting wrapped, I still really miss it. That’s how much I had grown attached to it and how happy it made me.”

Han also had the following message for the viewers: “I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the love I received from all of you through this show. I hope you keep a close eye on Han Ji Eun, the actor, in the future. I’ll be greeting you again with good things.” 

Han drew praise for her solid acting skills, which included the way in which she expressed the character’s emotions in detail and delivered her lines in a smooth and stable fashion. We’re looking forward to seeing what character and project she’ll come back with in the future.

Be Melodramatic wrapped up with the airing of its final episode on September 28.