ZICO / Photo: KOZ Entertainment

ZICO will be releasing his first solo full-length album titled Thinking, via music sites today (September 30) at 6:00 p.m. (KST).  

The new album features a variety of genres within the five songs on its tracklist, which includes title songs “Person” and “Daredevil.” The album is said to be a self-portrait of youth, seen from one’s own perspective. 

“Person” tells the story of Woo Ji Ho (ZICO’s real name) encountering a sense of ennui with life in his late 20s. The album is expected to deliver a different charm from what we’ve seen from ZICO before through the variety of ways in which he sings and raps on the record, according to the changes in emotion that take place. 

The album’s other title track, “Daredevil,” is said to express ZICO’s true feelings regarding the curiosity that has poured in following the establishment of his company.  Rapper Jvcki Wai and YUMDDA are featured on the song. Other songs featured on Thinking include “Not Him,” which depicts a timid confession, the heavy trap song “Extremes,” and “One-Man Show,” which looks at a situation between a fictional man and woman from an observer’s point of view. 

ZICO reportedly produced all of the album’s tracks and also helped to direct the music video.