(top to bottom) Kang Daniel, GOT7, Ha Sung Woon / Photos: Ten Asia DB

Singer Kang Daniel currently stands at first place in the vote for the final round of the TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards. GOT7 and Ha Sung Woon are close behind, standing at second and third place, respectively. With only about a week left until the end of the vote, a change in the rankings is definitely possible. 

The TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards is an event where K-pop fans from 10 Asian countries submit online and mobile votes for their favorite idols. The preliminary round ran from October 1 to 14, and voters had 30 initial nominees to choose from, who were selected for the event based on aggregate data from January to July from idol rankings site IDOLCHAMP. The 8 musical acts who came out on top (with some having come in first place in multiple countries) moved on to the final round on October 16, and are currently battling it out to take home the Global Popularity Award. Within just a week after voting commenced, more than one million votes were submitted.

As of now, Kang Daniel is the most likely nominee to become the final winner. Daniel, who moved on to the final round by coming out on top among voters from Korea, is currently in the lead with 37.95 percent of the votes. The idol star has been going around Asia since August, starting with a show in Singapore and then moving on to fan meets in Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila. As a result, he has been pulling in a high percentage of votes from various countries. As Daniel is scheduled to meet with his Korean fans in November, it will be interesting to see if he can return home in glory by winning the Global Popularity Award. 

GOT7, who will be making their comeback next month, is currently in second place with 30.53 percent of the votes. There is less than a 10 percent gap between the group and Kang Daniel. Consisting of members from Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand, GOT7 is a multi-ethnic group who has moved on to the final round of the Global TOP TEN Awards for the second year in a row. The group has a considerable amount of support from K-pop fans in Thailand, as evidenced by the fact that they received 61.78 of the votes from Thai fans during the preliminary round. If they can demonstrate their potential before voting closes, GOT7 is a strong candidate to win the Global Popularity Award. 

Ha Sung Woon, who is currently in third, is also engaged in a fierce battle with the two musical acts ahead of him to become the final winner. He stands in the top half of the rankings with 21.46 percent of the votes, and he has slowly been closing the gap between himself and the other two. Although there is a 16.49 percent gap between Ha Sung Woon and his fellow ex-Wanna One member Kang Daniel, Sung Woon is still within firing range. As he has already proven himself to be a global hit by coming out on top with voters from Japan and Hong Kong in the preliminary round, he could certainly turn the tables at the end if he can get that final spurt. 

Voting for the TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards is scheduled to close on October 29, with the final winner being announced on the following day. Voting can be done for free and is open to anyone who logs in to the official site (tenasia.musicawards.co.kr).