Seo Hyo Rim and Kim Soo Mi / Photos: Ten Asia DB

Actress Seo Hyo Rim is dating the son of fellow actress Kim Soo Mi. 

A source from Seo’s management agency, Magique, revealed to Ten Asia on the 23rd that “it is true that Seo Hyo Rim is dating Kim Soo Mi’s son.” 

“The two have known each other for two years, but have only recently started dating,” the source said. “The relationship is serious as they’re both older.” Regarding the reports that the couple have plans to get married in January of next year, the source responded, “The parents of both sides have not even met each other formally. Marriage hasn’t been discussed yet. We hope everyone shows support for their relationship.”

Seo Hyo Rim and Kim Soo Mi starred as mother and daughter in the 2017 MBC television drama Man in the Kitchen. The two also appear on the SBS Plus variety show Do You Eat? (literal translation). A great deal of interest has been shown for the dating reports as the two actresses already appear to have a mother-daughter like relationship on screen.

Seo Hyo Rim’s new significant other is reportedly 9 years older than the actress and works in business.