Shindong  / Photo: Juvis

Super Junior member Shindong has announced that he will officially be going on a diet. 

“I’ve done a lot of diets to try to keep my weight under control, but that was soon followed by yo-yo dieting, and now, it’s causing me health problems,” said Shindong on the 25th via diet-consulting chain Juvis. “I thought that this time, I needed to think of it as the last time and try dieting in a healthy way. I made the decision after seeing how Yoo Jae Hwan recently lost 32 kg and even improved his health.”

Shindong has tried countless diets in the past, including the starvation diet and Denmark diet. However, his diets have always ended with him experiencing a yo-yo effect, and he’s never seen any real benefits. He’s known to enjoy eating, and his tendency to eat grilled and fried foods on a regular basis have led to his weight ballooning to 116 kg. A physical exam revealed that Shindong has high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. 

The singer and entertainer plans to reduce his weight from 116 kg to 75 kg. Fans who heard the news sent Shindong message of support, saying things like “We hope you succeed with your diet this time by doing it in a healthy way” and “I bet you’ll look really handsome once you lose weight.”