Screenshots from ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny’ / Photos: SBS

Singer Kangnam and former Olympic speed skater Lee Sang Hwa have tied the knot, and their nuptials are scheduled to be shown on the October 4th episode of SBS’s Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny.

On the previous episode of the show, Kangnam attracted the attention of viewers by preparing a surprise wedding event along with speed skater Nao Kodaira and some of Lee Sang Hwa’s other good friends. When the video for the event suddenly stopped playing, Lee Sang Hwa and the wedding guests became flustered. It was revealed, however, that it was all a part of the surprise event that Kangnam had planned.

During the most recent filming of the show, Kangnam put on a large-scale performance for the wedding. A surprised Lee Sang Hwa was shown being moved to tears. Afterwards, Sang Hwa revealed that she would give Kangnam’s event “a perfect score.” 

Following Kangnam’s performance, a video letter prepared by Sang Hwa’s parents were shown to the guests. In the video, Sang Hwa’s mother brought tears to her daughter’s eyes by revealing her true feelings which she had never expressed before, and her father touched everyone by saying as he held back his own tears: “I’m sad that the time we had with Sang Hwa was so short. It was hard for us to see you struggle.” The video letter turned both the wedding venue and the studio into a sea of tears. 

Immediately following the ceremony, Kangnam and Sang Hwa headed to their hotel room to rest. The newlyweds were shown staring deeply into each other’s eyes and resting their heads on each other’s arms on their wedding night. “The kid got married. It’s so cute,” said Sang Hwa as she was unable to look away from Kangnam. At the end, Kangnam reportedly piqued everyone’s curiosity by saying, “Should we ask them to turn off the cameras?”

Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny will be airing on October 4 at 11:10 p.m. (KST)