Kim Hye Yoon on ‘Extraordinary You’ / Photos: MBC

Actress Kim Hye Yoon has been showing off her potential as an up-and-coming talent on MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday television drama, Extraordinary You.

Extraordinary You has been picking up steam for featuring a unique story about characters living in a comic book world, new and fresh twists, and a cast of young actors who are perfectly in sync with their characters.

Kim, who plays the character of Eun Dan Oh in the drama, has been getting tons of love from viewers for coming off more like a seasoned actress than a newcomer, and for her lovable depiction of her character. The actress has been receiving praise for creating an all-new Eun Dan Oh through her distinctive personality and for showing a different charm to the character than what was portrayed in the original webtoon

Kim Hye Yoon is also able to suck viewers in by not holding back when she acts. In addition to her emotive expressions and her delivery of the lines, Kim also gives everything she has physically to her performance, whether that requires her to fall in a pool of water or run through pouring rain.

She also grabs your attention by the way she is able to portray different emotions depending on the situation. When in a scene with her close friend Lee Do Hwa (played by Jung Gun Joo), Kim comes off as a mischievous high-school student as she delivers a comedic and realistic performance. When she’s acting alongside on-screen fiance Baek Gyeong (played by Lee Jae Wook), she is able to draw on our sympathies by plaintively depicting her hurt and pain. She continues to show off her wide acting range when she’s with her budding love interest Ha-ru (played by Rowoon), as she plays a shy high-school girl in love.

Director Kim Sang Hyub, who voiced nothing but praise for the actress, said that “[Kim Hye Yoon] analyzes scripts better than directors do” and that he is “200% satisfied with her acting.”

Extraordinary You airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:55 p.m.