K-pop group MAMAMOO has unveiled a group concept photo for their upcoming studio album.

The group image from the first universe of the “parallel universe” concept for MAMAMOO’S second studio album, reality in BLACK, was uploaded on their official social media accounts.

The photo shows the members of the group looking hip in red and black hues. Moonbyul can be seen looking sporty with black combat boots and a tracksuit, Hwasa’s fiery image is on display with her wet hairstyle and colorful top, Solar opted to wear an all-black outfit with a pop of red via her headband, and Wheein looks alluring in a bright red outfit.

The group previously released images of themselves in a parallel universe under the theme of “What if MAMAMOO weren’t MAMAMOO?” In the second universe, the members were a princess, music video director, environmental activist, and mother, and in the third universe, they were a boxer, choreographer, painter, and musical actor. In the fourth universe, they were a rock star, CEO, indie artist, and a president. By showing themselves in different roles and occupations, they created a so-called “MAMAMOO MULTIVERSE.”

By unveiling images of themselves as the girl group MAMAMOO for the first universe concept, the group has raised the expectations and excitement for reality in BLACK. The group created a “parallel universe” world view with the message that the MAMAMOO members are “fated to meet each other in the end” even if they were living different lives in a different universe.

MAMAMOO will be making their comeback on November 14 with the release of their second studio album, reality in BLACK. The snippet of the lyrics for title track “HIP” that were released along with a preview video (“Snot on my T-shirt, my underwear showing, my hair looking greasy, if I do it, it’s HIP / There’s only one of you in the world, so why are you spitting on your face?”) puts the song’s swag on display.

MAMAMOO is expected to carry out promotional activities following the release of reality in BLACK, which is scheduled to drop via music sites on November 14 at 6 p.m.