Singer KATIE / Photo: AXIS

Korean-American singer KATIE’s new remake of “Talk” was recently unveiled on the 22nd through a global online music platform. 

“Talk” is the first collaboration between KATIE and PRISM INVADERS, a new media company based in the US. Originally by American singer-songwriter Khalid, KATIE’s rendition of “Talk” is her reinterpretation of the song in her own style.  

The song was reinterpreted in the style of KATIE’s first EP LOG with the help of producing team KUYA, who were also the main producers behind LOG and the album’s lead single, “Thinkin’ Bout You.” A video of KATIE singing her cover of “Talk” was also released on the singer’s official YouTube channel. 

Within a day after its release, the song found its way to “The New Seoul,” one of Apple Music’s official playlists. The New Seoul playlist, which launched last summer, introduces mostly hip-hop and R&B songs that are hot in various cities and regions. 

Currently, KATIE’s “Talk” can only be streamed on Apple Music.