Goo Hara / Photo: Ten Asia DB

With news breaking of former KARA member Goo Hara being found dead in her home on the 24th, fans and colleagues in the industry are mourning the loss of the late singer and actress. Fans and celebrities alike have been expressing their sorrow over the passing of Goo, who was more lovely and lived more passionately than anyone else.

Singer Kahi posted the following on her Instagram page on Sunday night: “The sun set again today… sigh… we have to protect our kids, and we also need to protect our idols… someone is always praying for you… don’t forget that… RIP…”

Columnist and TV personality Heo Ji Woong said the following: “To the kids who might be thinking tonight that they’re doomed, I’d like to speak as a truly human person who knows how to ask for help. You’ve got a long way to go until you’re doomed.“ He continued, “I’m not in pain anymore. I’m more healthy than necessary. So don’t root for me. Instead, please look after the young kids around you who are in despair because they haven’t found any support. Please tell them that it’s not the end. May Goo Hara rest in peace.”

According to the police, Goo Hara was found dead at her residence in the Cheongdam neighborhood of Seoul around 6 p.m. on Sunday. Police are currently investigating the cause of death, while keeping the possibility of suicide in consideration. 

Goo Hara made her debut in 2008 as a member of the girl group KARA, which released a number of hits such as “Pretty Girl,” “Honey,” “Mister,” “STEP,” and “Lupin.” The group achieved a great deal of success and popularity after launching their career in Japan. In Japan, they were considered to be one of the top girl groups at one time. Goo, who worked as a solo artist and actress after the disbandment of KARA, had recently been promoting her new album in Japan before her passing.