Moon Geun Young / Photo: Vogue

Moon Geun Young is getting everyone’s attention with her newest photo shoot, which shows the actress giving off some vibes that we’ve never seen from her before.

The images from the photo shoot, featuring Moon who recently made her return to television with the tvN drama Catch the Ghost, after being away for 4 years, were recently unveiled. The actress’s chic and distinctive charm in the photos is attention-grabbing, and her strong presence and aura radiate through the black and white photos. 

The actress is giving us girl-crush vibes with her cowgirl fashion, two-toned hair, and faux freckles. On top of pulling off the smoky makeup perfectly and looking chic, Moon has a cute and unique air about her in the photos, thanks to her huge eyes and somewhat silly poses.

Moon Geun Young / Photos: Vogue

The photo shoot comes across as especially fresh and new as Moon’s image in the photos is completely different from her character in Catch the Ghost. The actress, whose laid-back style in the drama is fitting for her role as a police officer, has announced herself as a new master of photo shoots by trying a variety of different styles through the Vogue shoot. Word has it that the staff on the set of the shoot cheered for the actress as she delivered poses and expressions that were perfect for each concept. Additional photos and an interview with the actress can be found in the December issue of Vogue.

In Catch the Ghost, Moon Geun Young plays the role of a rookie detective named Yoo Ryung, who works with the subway police team. The way in which the actress is able to pull off the action sequences and play two different roles is enough to make the viewers forget about her 4-year hiatus.