(clockwise from top left) MOMOLAND’s JooE, Jane, Nayun, Nancy, Hyebin, Ahin / Photo: MLD Entertainment

K-pop girl group MOMOLAND is set to have their comeback at the end of this month.

The group’s label, MLD Entertainment, told Ten Asia on the 10th that “MOMOLAND will be releasing a new single album at the end of this month as a six-member group.” 

The upcoming comeback is MOMOLAND’s first after being organized as a six-member group. All eyes are on the group to see what concept they will come back with, after having portrayed a bright and energetic image over the years.

MOMOLAND was reorganized as a six-member group on the 30th of last month. Members Taeha, Daisy, and Yeonwoo left the group and announced they would be starting out on a new career path. Yeonwoo made the decision to stay with the company and work as an actress, while Taeha has left the company to make a new start. Daisy is the only member who has yet to decide what step to take next. According to MLD Entertainment, the label is currently in talks with Daisy about whether or not she will be staying with the company, and they will be announcing her decision after it has been confirmed.