Kai / Photo: Samuel Bradley

EXO member Kai has been hard at work fulfilling his duties as the global ambassador of a luxury fashion brand. 

As Gucci’s global eyewear ambassador, Kai was featured in a Gucci short film series called “The Performers.” 

“The Performers” is a collaborative project between Gucci and Condé Nast, a global media company that publishes influential magazines such as Vogue and GQ. Since 2017, the project has explored the source of artistic motivation and inspiration of some of the world’s most ingenious creators, which have included singers, actors, choreographers, playwrights, scientists, and chefs. 

Kai is the muse for episode five of the third season of “The Performers.” Constructed as a sci-fi biopic, the episode uncovers some of Kai’s memories with his family and the origins of his love for dance as he travels through time and space. 

The director of the short film, Lucy Luscombe, explained, “I went to Seoul to meet Kai, a K-pop star who has an enormous influence. Through this project, we were able to bring out his philosophy on dance and his personal experiences, and a sensational film was created.”  

In a list of the 50 best-dressed men of 2020 published by GQ on December 4, Kai was ranked No. 7, making him the only K-pop artist to make the list. In addition to demonstrating his impact on both music and the world of fashion, Kai has been grabbing the attention of global fans through this project, which shows his brilliant sense of fashion and elegant dance lines.