(from far left in first picture) Mélanie Laurent, Adria Arjona, and Ryan Reynolds / Photos: SBS

Actor Ryan Reynolds was shocked to hear the ages of the cast members on SBS’s Running Man.

On the episode of Running Man that aired on Sunday, December 22, actors Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, and Adria Arjona appeared as special guests.

During the recently recorded episode of the show, the guests had a chance to talk about the ages of the Running Man members. The show’s members asked, “We’ve heard that Adria Arjona is the youngest out of you three, who do you think is the youngest out of the Running Man members?” To this question Adria responded, “Jeon So Min looks the youngest. She looks like she’s 27.” After hearing Adria’s answer, So Min was unable to hold back her laughter, and celebrated with a joyous ceremony. When the three guests learned that So Min is in fact 34, they were clearly taken aback.

When it came to Ji Suk Jin, the oldest member on Running Man, Ryan Reynolds guessed that Suk Jin was in his early 40s. After hearing that Suk Jin is actually 54, Ryan responded by saying that he “couldn’t believe it,” and he then made everyone burst into laughter by shouting “Dad?!” at Suk Jin.

In addition to showing off his skills as an entertainer, Ryan also put his amazing athletic abilities on display for the show.