(left) Kim Heechul from Super Junior, (right) Momo from TWICE / Photos: Ten Asia DB

Kim Heechul from the group Super Junior and Momo from TWICE have confirmed their relationship status, making them the first official idol couple of 2020. The two stars have overcome a 13-year age difference and their different nationalities (Heechul is Korean and Momo is Japanese) to find love. 

Heechul and Momo’s labels – SJ Label and JYP Entertainment, respectively – revealed on January 2 that “the two recently started dating after being on close terms as colleagues in the entertainment industry.” 

Although dating rumors had swirled about the idol stars back in August 2019, Heechul and Momo denied the rumors at the time, saying that “they [were] totally false” and that “[they were] simply close colleagues.” However, once the rumors resurfaced for the second time, the couple officially admitted to their relationship. 

This is the first public relationship for both stars, making it the first in 15 years for Heechul who debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005, and the first in 5 years for Momo who made her debut with TWICE in 2015. Momo is the second member of TWICE to be in a publicly acknowledged relationship after fellow member Jihyo.  

Heechul and Momo reportedly became close after meeting on a number of variety programs. Heechul has mentioned on several occasions on TV that Momo is his ideal type, and Momo confirmed her special relationship with Heechul when she agreed to appear in the music video for Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon’s duet, “Sweet Dream.”