MONSTA X member Joohoney / Photo: Ten Asia DB

MONSTA X’s main rapper, Joohoney (26), will be taking time off from public activities for the time being due to displaying symptoms of anxiety disorder. 

The group’s label, Starship Entertainment, posted an announcement via social media on January 12 that read: “Joohoney has recently been getting thorough medical examinations and treatments at multiple hospitals due to exhibiting symptoms of anxiety. Medical experts have advised that he get sufficient rest due to his anxiety symptoms.”

They continued, “After much discussion with the other members of MONSTA X, Joohoney has decided to focus on his recovery while taking a break and continuing treatment. We ask for your understanding regarding Joohoney’s decision to take a temporary hiatus in order to recover and return.” 

The label also added that “The decision regarding Joohoney’s return will be based on his recovery and the opinion of medical specialists. We will move forward with his return after careful discussions with Joohoney and the other members.”

Joohoney also missed a portion of MONSTA X’s Jingle Ball concert tour performances last year due to health issues. 

MONSTA X is scheduled to release their first studio album in the US next month.