EXID member and actress Hani / Photo: Nylon

EXID member and actress Hani / Photo: Nylon

EXID member and actress Hani recently showed off her multitude of charms for Nylon magazine, which unveiled a photo shoot today that they did with the multi-talented star.  

Hani is announcing her arrival as actress Ahn Hee Yeon through her leading role in the upcoming drama XX, which is set to premiere on January 22.  

After saying that it was her first photo shoot since growing out her bangs, Hani commented that “It felt strange, but [she] was able to show off her various charms to [her] heart’s content.” She also shared that despite the effort and time it took to change up her hairstyle for every shot, the makeup room on set was full of laughs. 

When asked how she relieves her stress, Hani replied, “Something that I recently found out is that I eat [to relieve stress]. I eat a ton of things like chocolate, gummies, and cookies. At the hair and makeup shop I go to, there’s a container of gummies. I think they leave it out so that clients can take one as they’re leaving the shop, but I eat all of them (laughs). I really like gummy candies.” 

The interview and beauty pictorial featuring Hani can be found in the February issue of Nylon magazine and Nylon TV.