Choi Sooyoung / Photo: JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’

Choi Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation appeared on television recently and spoke about her boyfriend, actor Jung Kyung Ho. 

On the episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros that aired on February 1, a cast member of the show asked Sooyoung if she could talk about Kyung Ho. She responded, “Yes, I can, but I’m cautious and nervous about my love life being written about rather than my work.”

“I haven’t been in touch with [Jung Kyung Ho] lately, so I think he’s waiting for a chance to call,” said cast member Min Kyung Hoon, who had served in the military with Kyung Ho. To this Sooyoung replied, “He often talks about you,” and then chose Kyung Hoon as the member that she wanted to partner with on the show. 

“You have to meet someone that keeps you on your toes instead of someone you’re comfortable around,” Sooyoung explained to Seo Jang Hoon. She then added “You can do it too,” which was met with laughter from the cast. Lee Sang Min then continued the conversation by saying, “I think Sooyoung respects Kyung Ho.” To this, the Girls’ Generation member and actress quipped, “Both people have to respect each other. You can do it too.”