Screen captures from ‘The Return of Superman’ on KBS 2TV / Photos: KBS

On the newest episode of KBS 2TV’s The Return of Superman, Gary of the former hip-hop duo Leessang spoke about how stress led him to take a break from the entertainment industry. 

On the episode of The Return of Superman that aired on February 2, new cast member Gary’s everyday life with son Hao was revealed. 

“I was under an excessive amount of stress after having worked in the industry for over 20 years,” explained Gary. “I got married while I was on a break after having let everything go, and then my wife got pregnant. I ended up naturally taking paternity leave and being on hiatus for over three years.”

When talking about how he came to join the show, Gary revealed: “I never skipped a single episode. While I watched, I felt that there was a connection between the show and my life as a parent. I decided to be on the show because I felt that it would be in tune with my life.” 

He also added: “My wife and I didn’t have a wedding. We told a few people that we would, but we felt that as long as we were happy, nothing else mattered. So we just signed the papers and didn’t have a ceremony. I’ve always thought that if I ever got married, I didn’t want to have a wedding. My wife was on the same page, and she felt that the two of us were more important than a wedding ceremony. I feel both grateful and sorry to my wife for understanding everything.”