Photos: Son Ye Jin’s Instagram @yejinhand

Actress Son Ye Jin recently expressed her gratitude for the support shown by actors Song Yoon A and Jung Hae In for her drama, tvN’s Crash Landing on You.

Ye Jin uploaded three photos to her Instagram account on February 2 along with the following message for her two fellow actors: “You become more beautiful with each passing day. You’re an angel, Yoon A. You’re always warm and always on my side. I love you! Hae in! I’m sure you’re very busy too. I really enjoyed the coffee! I’m looking forward to your new drama.”

The uploaded pictures show Ye Jin posing and smiling radiantly in front of the coffee trucks sent by Song Yoon A and Jung Hae In. The actress also added a final message to her post, which read: “Crash Landing on You. I’ll work hard until the very end with the encouragement you’ve given me with all the love you’ve shown. Thank you.”

Crash Landing on You, starring Son Ye Jin, airs every Saturday and Sunday night at 9 p.m.