Gummi of Crayon Pop / Photo: Rosa Sposa

Crayon Pop’s Gummi recently announced that she will be getting married on the 23rd of this month to an entrepreneur of the same age. 

Gummi popped the news via a handwritten letter, which she posted on her online fan cafe on the 9th. 

“The times that I’ve shared with my fans since debuting as a member of Crayon Pop in 2012, which can seem both short and long at the same time, are flashing before me like a kaleidoscope. When I look back, I really have a lot of memories that were good and happy. Although I went through some hard times, when I look back on them now after time has passed, there were many moments that were incredible. Thank you so much. I want to sincerely thank all of you,” the letter read. 

“On February 23, I will become one man’s wife, and I’m currently preparing to soon become the mother of a child. We’ve been together for a long time as old friends and lovers. He’s a reliable person who has always been by my side,” Gummi revealed.

She continued, “I’ve promised to spend my whole life with someone who knows what real happiness is. I’m sure you’re surprised at the sudden wedding announcement, but nothing could make me happier than receiving warm congratulations from my fans. I promise to live wisely from moment to moment with gratitude, while cherishing the love you have shown me.”

Gummi debuted as a member of Crayon Pop in 2012 with the mega-hit song “Bar, Bar, Bar.” She is currently working as an actress under the name Song Boram.