Zico / Photo: KOZ Entertainment

For the second week in a row, Zico has topped the music show charts of the country’s three largest television networks.

Zico got his sixth music show win for his new single, “Any Song,” on the episode of MBC’s Show! Music Core that aired on February 8. In doing so, the multi-talented rapper has snatched up first-place trophies from the music programs of the three largest TV networks for two consecutive weeks, starting with his first win on SBS’s Inkigayo on January 26. The fact that he was able to reach this feat without performing on any televised music programs is a sign of Zico’s incredible popularity.

Zico’s “Any Song” currently (as of 9 a.m. on February 9) sits at No. 1 on the country’s largest music site, Melon, as well as on Genie and Flo. This makes it the 28th straight day that the song has topped domestic music charts. 

The fun and upbeat rhythm and melody of the dancehall-infused “Any Song” make it easy for anyone to sing along to after hearing the song once. Written and composed in part by Zico himself, the song offers a glimpse into his talents as a performer, as he goes between showing off his singing and rapping chops.

Additionally, the viral “Any Song” dance challenge, which was created by Zico, has started a craze that has been picked up by fans from all over the globe.