Musical acts who have advanced to the final round of the Global TOP TEN Awards (clockwise from top left) Kang Daniel, Park Ji Hoon, SF9, BLACKPINK / Photos: Ten Asia DB

The results of the preliminary round of the TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards were revealed on February 11. A total of eight musical acts – including last year’s grand prize winner Kang Daniel, and artists such as Park Ji Hoon, BLACKPINK, and SF9 who passed the preliminaries for the first time – have made it to the final round of voting.  

The TEN Asia K-Pop Global TOP TEN Awards is an event in which K-pop fans from 10 Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines, and Malaysia) submit online and mobile votes for their favorite idols. A total of 947,605 votes were submitted during the two-week long preliminary voting round, which commenced on January 28. 

Last year’s grand prize winner, Kang Daniel, became the first artist to come in at No. 1 in three countries this year. Daniel received 36.7% of the votes from Korean fans – whose votes accounted for the largest percentage of the total number of votes submitted – 43.54% of the votes from Vietnamese voters, and 35.41% of the votes from fans in Singapore.

BLACKPINK and Park Ji Hoon succeeded in moving past the preliminary round for the first time this year. After being unable to advance into the final round each time, BLACKPINK has made it to the finals for the first time by narrowly beating out the group who came in second with voters from Japan. Park Ji Hoon came in first with fans from China by receiving a whopping 43.98% of their votes. With Park Ji Hoon coming in at No. 2 with fans from Korea and Vietnam, all signs point to Park Ji Hoon making a good showing in the finals. 

Some of the results for this year’s preliminaries mirrored those of the previous edition of the awards. For the second time in a row, Stray Kids and ASTRO came in on top with fans from Indonesia and the Philippines, respectively. Also, for the third time in a row, voters from Thailand chose GOT7 as their favorite idols. The largest gap between the first and second place winners were seen with votes from Thailand, as GOT7 took 60.22% of the votes. 

SF9 and ATEEZ, who have advanced to the finals for the first time, received the largest percentage of the votes from fans in Taiwan and Malaysia, respectively. It will be interesting to see if these two idol groups will be able to create a sensation during the finals. 

The eight musical acts chosen by the 10 voting countries will take part in the final round of voting from February 12 to 25, with the final results being announced on the 26th. The winner will be honored with the grand prize, the Global Artist Award. 

Voting can be done for free and is open to any and all K-pop fans from one of the 10 Asian countries mentioned above. Each voter may submit one vote per day by logging in to the official site ( 

List of Winners by Country

▲ Korea, Vietnam, Singapore: Kang Daniel

▲ China: Park Ji Hoon


▲ Thailand: GOT7

▲ Indonesia: Stray Kids 

▲ Taiwan: SF9

▲ Malaysia: ATEEZ

▲ The Philippines: ASTRO