Actress Lee Sang Ah / Photos: SBS Plus’s ‘Did You Eat?’

Actress Lee Sang Ah recently starred on SBS Plus’s variety show Did You Eat?, where she had a candid conversation with fellow actress Kim Soo Mi . 

On the episode of Did You Eat? scheduled to air on February 17, Sang Ah spoke openly about her divorce. During their conversation over a meal at a rice soup restaurant, Soo Mi consoled the younger actress by saying “I think about you from time to time. I prepared a lot of medicine to help heal your wounds from over the years.” 

When asked about why she decided to get married at the height of her career, Sang Ah replied that it “felt like fate.” She also added that she tried hard to create a stable family environment after her first marriage ended in divorce.

Sang Ah found herself both laughing and shedding tears when Soo Mi angrily told her that she’s “never seen someone like her before” one moment, and then comforted her  in the next by encouraging her to “hold her head up high and not feel small in front of others.”

The actress also piqued everyone’s curiosity on set by reminiscing about the days when she used to model for advertising campaigns with actress Kim Hye Soo.

The producers of Did You Eat? have described the episode as an opportunity for viewers to “hear actress Lee Sang Ah, who was once one of the top three actresses in the country, speak openly about her true feelings and share never-before-heard stories about her past.”