Jay Park / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Singer and rapper Jay Park was allegedly attacked by UFC fighter Brian Ortega. 

On February 8 (Korean time), ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani tweeted, “Korean music artist Jay Park, who served as Chan Sung Jung’s translator during his recent appearance on the show, was slapped by Brian Ortega during tonight’s event, Park tells me. A scuffle ensued and then broken up. Ortega took issue with Park’s translation on the show.” 

“Ortega went up to [Park] while [Jung] went to the bathroom and asked if he was Jay Park. Park said yes, and according to Park, Ortega open palm slapped him,” Helwani explained.

UFC fighter Angela Hill responded to Helwani’s tweet saying, “Happened right in front of me, felt like I was in high school again holding people back ‘don’t do it maaan!’”

Jung Chan Sung, also known as the “Korean Zombie,” was at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada to take part in UFC 248 as a guest fighter. 

The translation in question that allegedly infuriated Ortega was heard during an interview with Jay Park and Jung Chang Sung. Park acted as the interpreter for the interview done between Helwani and Jung, as the CEO of Jung’s management agency, AOMG. 

Jung and Ortega were slated to be the event headliners at last year’s UFC Fight Night 165: Busan, but Ortega ended up pulling out of the fight due to an injury. In the interview, Jung said via Park, “Ortega already ducked [me] one time. [I] don’t need to fight a fighter who’s ducking [me] already.” 

After hearing what Jung had to say, Ortega commented on Instagram, “When I saw [Jung] in Korea, he apologized and said sorry for the trash talk, and I said all good because at least you came at me like a man. Now you just a (expletive) dawg.” He then addressed Park saying, “Jay Park welcome to the fight game don’t be surprised if I slap the (expletive) out of you when I see you. Having an injury and ducking are 2 different things.”

Jung then took to Instagram Stories and spoke about the war of words between Park and Ortega. When one fan asked, “Ortega told Jay Park to not be surprised if he slaps him. Didn’t you feel intimidated after hearing his threat?” Jung responded by saying, “I’m going to see if he can really slap him. The UFC actually asked if we needed security. I told them that I wouldn’t be starting any fights first.”