BIGBANG / Photo: YG Entertainment

With reports of every member of BIGBANG renewing their contract with label YG Entertainment, the group has gotten the attention of not just the local press, but also influential media outlets from overseas. 

When YG made the announcement on March 11 that BIGBANG members G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung had signed a new contract with the label, major outlets in the US, Europe, and Asia were quick to spread the news. 

Forbes, in particular, spotlighted BIGBANG’s influence on the Korean music industry and what could be in store for the group in the near future.

“BIGBANG has been one of South Korea’s most impactful pop acts, with numerous hit albums and singles from the act, both as a combined team and as soloists,” Forbes reported. Metro also reported on BIGBANG’s contract renewal and hinted at their excitement for the group’s comeback performance.

The response has also been explosive in China. Baidu, the leading Chinese-language Internet search provider, posted BIGBANG’s news on their main music page, which gathered a huge amount of interest.

“We expect that the comeback of BIGBANG, who has countless Chinese fans, will brilliantly adorn the history of K-pop on a global level,” Dongbang News wrote. China’s Sina Music and MK Communications reported that “K-pop kings BIGBANG renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for the third time.” 

Outlets from a number of other countries, such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines also expressed their anticipation for BIGBANG’s comeback and the sensation the group will likely create with their new music.

YG revealed, “BIGBANG is gearing up in preparation for their 2020 comeback. We will be providing our full and complete support.”